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At Highland Christian Academy, we believe that every child is special and a blessing to a family. They are our future and while they are still young they have to be nurtured. It is important that they are guided well. What we need to do is let them face the challenges of life without any worries. We have to prepare them and make sure that they are ready.

We are committed to the nurturing and development of each child. We provide safe, healthy and conducive childcare options for working parents. You don’t have to worry because your child is in our good hands.

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First Baptist of Apopka opened its child care facility in November 1990 with preschool program for infants through 5 year olds. Six years later, the ministry expanded to offer before and after school care for grades K-5. In January 1997, the church reorganized the programs and adopted the following Statement Purpose:

Ministry in the name of Jesus Christ through loving children and their families and by providing Christian education and child care.

In 2005, we became Highland Christian Academy and began to see the opportunity for a growth for our preschool program. In August of 2007, we introduced the Voluntary Pre-School program which allowed us to reach out and help our community. In June 2009, we became one of the first schools in our area to be ACSI Accredited. We are looking towards our future with more Brighter Beginnings.


“Train the child in the knowledge of God so that he continues to grow in the way of Christ.” Proverbs 22:4


“Plant the child in the rich soil of Christ so that they may be able to grow into the mighty oaks of God.” Psalm 1:3

We follow philosophy in the classroom, and the environment has been prepared to meet the abilities, interests, and development skills of the children in the class. The First Baptist Church of Apopka-Highland Christian Academy preschool provides a structured educational program for young children. The philosophy is to instill a love of learning and to develop the “whole” child-not focusing just on academics, but also considering the child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development. This philosophy is based in scripture: Luke 2:52 says, “And Jesus increased in wisdom (mental) and in stature (physical) and in favor (emotional) with God (spiritual) and man (social).”

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